Northwest Massage & Bodywork

In todays society, life brings a variety of stresses on you mentally and physically
that can result in discomfort. I provide a natural, healthy way to relieve you
from your day-to-day pain and discomfort by using a variety of massage techniques.

How may we serve you? 

 Northwest Massage & Bodywork is here to help you with your stress-relief, pain management, acute/severe/chronic pain, trigger points, tennis elbow, relaxation/spa needs etc…

 Completely natural therapeutic healing in the form of therapeutic massage and bodywork can help facilitate the body's natural response of healing itself of pain and discomfort without the aid of over the counter/prescribed pharmaceuticals or possible surgery.  Results may vary depending upon the current health/medical condition, severity of issues, and frequency of follow up visits.

Online scheduling 

Please feel free to explore my site to learn more about me
 the treatments I provide, appointments, and rates. 


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