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Before, During and After

Before, During and After the Massage –

Before - Make sure to use the restroom before the massage starts so you can fully relax on the table. Try not to eat a heavy meal prior to a massage and keep jewelry wear to a minimum or be prepared to take it off as it can pull on your skin and impede the flow of the massage. Make sure to communicate with me – discuss what you want to accomplish in any given massage and relate any feedback that might help make future appointments better. 

During – Please continue to give me feedback (Is the room's temperature too hot or too cold? Is the pressure okay?) and remember to breathe. Oftentimes, clients inadvertently hold their breath. By breathing deeply and regularly, you will help your muscles relax and your body/brain slow down. Sometimes bodily functions (belching, stomach gurgling, passing gas) occur (these are perfectly normal); don't think twice about it - you're just relaxed! Conversation is usually kept to a minimum, so the client can keep his or her focus on relaxing and breathing. However, some patients like to talk during a massage (it’s part of their therapy), so I will follow your lead. Any information discussed during a massage is private and always remains confidential. Most of the time, clients will drift off to sleep, and that’s a good sign because it means you are completely relaxed (snoring is definitely permitted)!

After – I will ask you to slowly get up, reorient yourself, and re-dress. While you are doing those things, I will retrieve some cold water for you. Water intake the first 24-48 hours after a massage is incredibly important as it helps to flush out the toxins stirred up during the massage.  We will also take a few minutes for follow up to make sure all questions are answered. After a massage, it is a good idea to take it easy for the remainder of the day; this keeps the physical and mental relaxation continuing.


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